3D Hmmm?

I cannot quite figure out what this is a model of, but I love the look of it. Maybe a student used an iPad. Does anyone regognize the app?


Oh Gear Me!

I was updating a computer from MacOS 7.2 to 7.5. I may have interrupted the installation during the computer restart. This is the icon that appeared on the screen.

Here is a close up


Has anyone seen a gear icon before? I did a google search and could not find a reference anywhere.

Oculus Rift

I tried my best (to not get nauseous) when using the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. My son — visiting the office for the day — was most pleased with my efforts.

Beardy Face

I was a “computer art” teacher for a couple of years, back in the day, back in district 26.

I used some of these lessons.



Poem, by DDD

Dear darling daughter Isabelle wrote this poem (whether for a class or no, I don’t know). What grade do you think she is in?

Smart Board Refresher

A Cool Glass of Smart Board Refresher

A Tall Glass of Smart Board Refresher

Many teachers have interactive white boards in their classrooms. I gave a workshop in May 2017 called Smart Board Referesher. We covered how to add pdf files so you can use “digital ink” on them; how to use infiinte cloner for spelling games; how to make words appear and disappear using animation properties; and how to add different kinds of sounds, including activity timers and invisible sounds.

Download a copy of the agenda if you want.

As a treat, I gave away a folder of fun, end-of-year Notebook files. Download that here.


Protect the Queen

On my way to a Middle School After School (MSAS) publishing party last week I saw a van being swarmed by bees. Someone said the queen bee was inside. Wonder what happened to the driver?

Spooky Stuy Stairway

In a room inside the old Stuyvesant high school, there is a back storage closet. In the back of this closet, there is an old, forgotten staircase leading upwards to a spooky loft. Very disturbing.

Pure Imagination

I was working in a school yesterday and came by this classroom. I felt like those kids entering the chocolate room in Willie Wonka’s factory.

Sketch on Smart

I was at 721K and a teacher demonstrated how to sketch on her new flat-panel Smart Board. She is herself a brilliant artist and watching her was hypnotic.

Sketch on Smart

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