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Puppet Pals

Several students worked with me to create little movies using Puppet Pals HD Director’s Pass software. It is one of my all-time favorite iPad apps. In video 1 a student and I voiced super hero characters about to jump into the sky; the characters were made completely of pipe cleaners (the student is a master of the pipe cleaner medium). In other videos, the characters are cut-out pieces of paper with scribbles of vegetables on them (the students did the scribbling). In video 5, I voiced a Victorian British curator who lives in the Underground; he has artists describe their work.

  Puppet Pal 721K 1

Puppet Pal 721K 2

Puppet Pal 721K 3

Puppet Pal 721K 4

Puppet Pal 721K 5


ozmoThe Ozmo attachment records what is drawn beneath it and incorporates it into the scene…

I drew my favorite fruit.

iPad Choices

How do your students make their iPad choices?

iPad Time Letter Practice

At 255Q, some students practiced tracing letters using the iPad.

Micro Computer

A teacher showed me a miniature computer that was made using a Kano board. It make blinking lights!

Also, they 3D printed out a housing assembly.

img_4496 img_4502 img_4505

Subway Special

On the way to a school I saw these trains parked at the 2nd Avenue Subway station.

811K Thanksgiving

Teacher Matt G engages his students in a discussion of favorite Thanksgiving eats. He uses Intellitools Classroom Suite software with matching student hand-outs.

6 Word Stories

As a spin on the Six-Word Memoir, we created Six-Word Stories. Students write six words that describe a photograph. The words can be a proper sentence or not; they can be funny, academic, thoughtful, etc. We used the Skitch app on the iPad to write the sentence. Here are two samples:

Computer Lab Panorama



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